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Already have an ATM from another provider ?   Make a switch to ACFN and get paid more and enjoy our legendary service along with our distinguished advantages.

If you are considering another “ATM Provider” at this time here are some questions to help you make an informed decision:

Ask these questions to make an informed decision. Other Providers ACFN
 1 Is the ATM Provider local? Yes / No Yes
 2 Are there any minimum transaction quotas to meet? Yes / No No
 3 What happens if I don’t meet my quota?  ? N/A
 4 How exactly does my business get compensated?  ? Learn More
 5 Who provides the after the sale service? Provider/Other ACFN
 6 Who is responsible for consumables? Provider/Other ACFN
 7 How often will ATM be serviced?  ? Weekly
 8 Who is responsible for arranging the cash?

  • If you, do you really want this responsibility?
  • If provider, is there a higher quota or a charge for this?
Provider/Other  ACFN  
 9 Is the ATM monitored to detect service problems? ? Yes 24/7
 10 What is the response time guaranteed for repairs/out of cash? ? 24 hours|At the site
 11 Is my satisfaction guaranteed? ? Yes 6-Months trial
 12 Can you provide referral? ? Upon Request