Recent industry reports related to ATM activity in North America show the following:

1. There are more than 10 billion transactions performed at ATMs in North America each year with more than half a trillion dollars dispensed.
2. Half of all adults in North America use ATMs regularly.
3. Typical ATM users will spend 20% – 25% more than non-ATM users.

To recap what these statistics mean: 50% of your customers are likely regular users of ATMs and when able to access their bank accounts directly from you business using our ATMs will spend 20% – 25% more increasing your sales and improving your bottom line.

An actual ATM machine has 3 distinct advantages over accepting ATM card at your register:

1. Customers who are unsure about their balance usually shy away from trying to withdraw funds not wanting to be embarrassed if the transaction is turned down. By using our equipment they can verify balances on checking, savings and credit card accounts for free. If they find available funds they are likely to withdraw them and increase your business by spending cash they wouldn’t otherwise have.
2. If funds are not available in checking or credit card accounts our ATM can in most cases perform a balance transfer from your customer’s savings account. The transfer function makes additional funds available for withdrawal by allowing customers better access to their accounts resulting in increased spending.
3. When you have ATM service at your register you have to provide the cash so customers are usually limited to a $40 maximum. With full ATM service we provide the cash and allow your customers access to as much of their funds as their bank will allow (usually $300 per day). As a result our average location enjoys about $200,000 in cash advances per year.